When taking on a large project within a business, it is common for decision makers to view project management as just another expense. But when you are planning an important project that will have a major impact on your company’s future, you need to make sure the job is done right, on time and within a reasonable budget. You still have a business to run and adding the work of a major project will take way from your everyday duties and could end up hurting your business in the long run. Bringing on a project manager will inevitably end up saving you money while maintaining consistent deadlines  

Project management problems are often caused by lack of planning or correct resources. It’s easy for costs to get out of control if several teams are working on their own part of the project. You may have duplication of work, wasted hours, materials and money. When employees are working on their own tasks, there is no guarantee each piece will fit together. Bringing on a project manager will eliminate of all of these issues because he or she will be supervising and planning each task from beginning to end. At Proforma Safety our project managers will make sure your project is successful. Our projectmanagement includes engineering services as well. By doing this, we assure you that all the individually completed parts will fit together seamlessly.

When bringing a project manager on board, you will know what you’re getting up front. You will get exactly what you ask for and have it completed in the required time frame. A project manager can take on as much of the project as you like or just certain aspects, completely depending on your needs. Project management is a vital part of your team and is responsible for walking the project through to completion. As the decision maker, you can be involved as much or as little as you like throughout the duration of the project.

A project manager will lead the project, from the start up and planning phase all the way through completion. Depending on your needs, the project manager can also provide the labor to get the job done within time and budget constraints. In addition to supplying manpower, a project management company can supply all the materials you do not normally have on hand, saving you time and money. The company can also provide safety training, site security, inspections and quality assurance. You don’t even have to worry about personnel issues, as project management companies can provide that as well.

When you are expanding your business, and need a major project done, hiring Proforma Safety International as your project management company will take the worry and uncertainty out such an important phase of your business. You will be able to continue running your business on a day to day basis without worrying about the minor details. We will give you reports as often as you like so you will be up to speed at all times. While some may see having a project management company as an added expense, the reality is, Proforma Safety will make your life easier, reduce stress and in the long run, save you money.

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