Safe Work Awareness Team


Senior management wanted an external review of the safety management system for all companies due to poor performance and poor results from key client audits. Proforma Safety International was contracted to conduct a system-wide audit across all divisions and provide an executive summary to the leadership team. This summary provided findings from the audit, along with a strategic plan to improve performance.

Safe Work Awareness Team


Client: Spitzer Industries
Project Type: Redesign and implement a Safety Management program.
Industry Served: Oil & gas, downstream and midstream
Location: Houston and Brookshire, Texas
Date Range: March 2013 to April 2014


First actions from a major client had to be closed in a short duration, which meant Proforma had to redesign the SMS (safety management system), evaluate the system’s effectiveness, train existing HSE staff, roll out the new SMS and create a training program for new hires and current employees.


Proforma’s strategy was to systematically redevelop the safety management system and top-down approach to effectively improve overall HSE performance, which was made easy with a fully-engaged senior management team. First, the safety management system was revised and, in some cases, redeveloped. In conjunction with that effort, a training matrix was developed for various job functions throughout the organization. The HSE team was evaluated and refocused on identifying leading indicators rather than reacting to lagging indicators. Establishing clear roles and responsibilities played a large role in the improved performance. Continual audits carried out by both the HSE and leadership teams aided in better defining gaps. The teams also conducted weekly hazard hunts in key areas, which varied from week to week.

During phase two, Proforma developed a leadership course for all supervising and middle managers that provided training on how to identify hazards, engage employees in corrective actions, conduct hazard assessments and influence human behaviors, along with proper coaching techniques. New expectations were given, which clearly identified their role in managing HSE.


After implementation, Spitzer saw HSE performance improve by 30 to 40 percent across the board. All major clients conducted annual audits and the resulting scores improved by 85 percent. All of this improved morale, client relations and reputation, not to mention an uptick in awarded projects. The worker compensation cost also decreased due to fewer claims. Proforma Safety Intl. LLC continues to have a relationship with Spitzer Industries.