The need for a renewed focus on safety becomes more acute with Halloween right around the corner. Naturally, safety should be a concern during any season, but Halloween presents unique challenges as safety concerns revolve around external sources not typically found during other holidays.

Additionally, safety concerns can occur outside of company properties as workers transition from home or between work locations. Therefore, it is imperative to take the proper steps to be prepared for these unique and additional safety challenges.

Check For Proper Safety Signage

While proper safety signage should always be maintained, this is especially important for offsite locations that do not continually receive worker traffic. Make sure that all signage is easily visible from various angles and that all hazards are clearly marked and presented. While this is not an altogether preventative measure, it can still be a liability reducing measure.

Secure All Equipment

Properly securing all pieces of equipment (especially heavy equipment) should already be a regular practice for your company. However, machinery tends to attract extra attention from pranksters during Halloween, and thus, additional effort should be taken to ensure that all equipment is properly secured and access is limited.

Ensure Work Locations Are Properly Lit

In addition to ensuring all safety signage is in place, all locations that have the capability of being lit should be. Also, locations that utilize camera systems should be checked to ensure that all equipment is working properly.  

Make Sure All Security Fencing Is Secure

It is important to make sure that all perimeter fencing is well maintained and secure, especially for Halloween. While your perimeter fencing should be regularly inspected, it is of utmost importance on Halloween night as it’ll help deter any curious onlookers from wandering over.

Also, all internal safety barriers should be checked to ensure they are also in place and easily recognizable.

Explain Additional Safety Challenges To Workers

Due to the unique nature of the Halloween holiday, workers should be notified of additional security challenges in advance. By keeping them informed of the purpose of the additional safety measures, they can help ensure compliance while paying extra-close attention to detail. This includes whatever measures they can take in remaining safe when transiting to and from worksites.

Make Sure All Response Plans Are Up To Date

Safety managers should check to ensure that all emergency response plans are in place and up to date, and all necessary contact information is checked to ensure it is also up to date.

All holidays present security challenges, but Halloween produces its own set of variables that must be prepared for. While not all measures will prevent safety problems from occurring, they are a step in the right direction to protecting you and your company from the unique challenges presented by this particular holiday.