Safety Surveys and Polls

Proforma Safety International can create online safety surveys for your organization, developing questions in partnership with you or designated representatives, fully customized to a particular situation. These surveys are hosted on external servers that provide access to your contractors and subcontractors without the nuisance of arranging hosting on your own servers. Confidentiality of results is ensured and duplicate entries are eliminated.

Proforma Safety can also design and conduct safety polls and mini safety surveys if you’re looking for a quick read on a particular issue. The value we bring is in knowing what questions to ask, and what is significant and actionable in the results. The software we use makes the surveying process highly cost-effective.

As an example, Proforma Safety International has published this free online survey that will help you assess the current state of your safety programs and how your employees, contractors, or subcontractors perceive the challenges at the work-site or within your organization. Our goal is to start you thinking about where gaps may exist in your own safety processes. All responses are tallied electronically and we’ll email you a report of results along with our free recommendations for steps to address findings from the results.

For more information, please email us at [email protected], or call us at 281-358-3437.

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