Trying to set goals, maintain communication, schedule meetings and more can be a daunting challenge if you’re using traditional email. Emails do not always reach the right people at the right time, or they can get caught in spam filters…and of course they may be addressed to the wrong participants. Further still, it is limited in scope and it can be difficult even when connected to a calendar application. Having a dedicated project management solution puts everything you need for your projects in one package. Project management tools can save you plenty of time and effort.


The Right Tools Within Your Solution

There are two types of project management tools, paid and free. Both tools provide value in their own way, but paid solutions typically offer the convenience of customer and technical support. Regardless of which type you eventually choose, your project management solution should include:

  • Ability to list Milestones
  • Provide Access to Charts
  • Ability to Post to Boards
  • Time Tracking
  • Ability to Make Reports
  • Calendar/Scheduler
  • Notes
  • Invoicing
  • Dashboards
  • Status Updates

Naturally, a project management solution can include more than this list, however, these are the minimum requirements to make your project a success.


Top Paid Project Management Tools

Asana  — This tool helps you stay in sync with your team, hit deadlines and reach your goals. Pricing ranges from $50 a month for a 15 member team to $800 a month for 100 member teams.

Basecamp This platform helps to bring everything your business is working on under one roof. It keeps things organized, centralized and clear so that everyone knows what to do, where things stand and can get what they need without having to ask around. Pricing ranges from $20 a month for 15 projects with 3GB of storage up to $3,000 a year for unlimited projects and up to 50GB of storage.

Trello This tool provides boards, lists and cards that help enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. Pricing for the business-class version is $5 a month per user or $45 a year per user.

Zoho ProjectsZoho Projects allows you to plan project activities, assign work, manage resources and collaborate with your team better to get things done on time. Pricing is $25 a month for 20 projects and an unlimited number of users. It also comes with 5GB of storage space.


Top Free Project Management Tools

WrikePacked with plenty of functionality, this solution can also be upgraded to a paid version for even more functionality.

FreedcampLoaded with all the necessary tools, this solution is optimized for communication, has unlimited users and projects and can scale with your business.

Bitrix24Capable of real-time communication, this solution can use cloud storage or it can be placed on company servers. In addition, it has an added feature of Employee WorkLoad Planning.

GanttProjectThis solution is so robust and packed with features it can be a little overwhelming for smaller companies. However, it is a total project management solution from top to bottom.


Having the right project management solution gives you the right tools to make a real difference in projects, both large and small. Yet, even with the right solution, it takes an experienced project management staff to get the most out of any tool. That’s why at Proforma Safety, we offer top-of-the-line project management solutions to streamline even the toughest of jobs.