Houston (Feb. 21, 2018) — Proforma Safety International is pleased to announce its partnership with Guyanese agency, LOMAK Energy Services Inc., to support the oil and gas sector with consulting services.

Leveraging Proforma’s core competencies and expertise with LOMAK’s knowledge of the local environment, both parties bring skills to support the development of the oil and gas industry in Guyana.

“As industry interest grows in the area, we feel this partnership necessary to help Guyana successfully navigate and expand into this new market,” said Scott Arnold, President of Proforma Safety International.

Proforma Safety International and LOMAK Energy Services Inc. will offer experienced safetyproject management and engineering services to aid in regulatory development or supplement project staff located in Guyana. Both Proforma Safety International leadership and LOMAK Energy Services Inc. Board of Directors believe that the combined efforts provide a unique opportunity to bring experienced talent to an emerging sector in Guyana.

Proforma’s expertise in the oil and gas industry, combined with LOMAK Energy local members who are highly respected in the Guyana community, brings added value and assistance to Guyana and its citizens, allowing them to be ready for the opportunities arising from the oil and gas industry.


About Proforma Safety International:

Proforma Safety International has been delivering safe work practices, project management and engineering solutions to a variety of industries spanning from manufacturing, fabrication, construction and energy, for more than 30 years. Providing  a cost effective and dependable source of expertise and staff that meets federal safety requirements, Proforma implements advanced safety management practices and provides qualified and experienced project personnel to staff specific positions and key project resources. For more information, please visit www.proformasafety.com.


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