Startups, Small Businesses and mid to large corporations

Our flexible pricing structure allows us to provide management services to businesses of any size. These services include the development and implementation of a safety management system, creation of a customized training matrix and the development of HSE manuals for your business. We’ll also regularly audit the success and effectiveness of those systems and, if any gaps exist, recommend a course of action to ensure that you and your employees remain protected.

Companies we have served:

  • Independence Contract Drilling
  • Spitzer Industries
  • Basic Energy Services
  • Rice Electric

Renewable Energy

Proforma has been a part of several renewable energy projects. During these projects, we provided a variety of safety management services ranging from developing safety systems, site safety plans, contractor selection and providing onsite safety advisers during field operations and/ or construction. These projects included CO2 sequestration, thermal power generation and wind energy.

Companies we have served:

  • Battelle and AEP project, New Hope West Virginia
  • Tetra Tech, New Zealand
  • Vestas Energy, CO


We have provided incident investigation and reconstruction services to several major insurance companies. These companies utilized our investigation experience after major incident had occurred to their policy holders. In addition, we have also provided auditing services to for insurance companies to ensure that companies maintain effective safety management systems as required by the policy.

Companies we have served:

  • Cigna Insurance
  • Lloyds of London


Throughout our history, we have been involved in numerous fabrication projects from working on project teams building platform top sides to subsea equipment. In 2013 Proforma was contracted to conduct a corporate SMS (Safety Management Audit for a large fabrication company located in Houston. This company fabricates subsea, refining and structural components for downstream producers. The audit lead to a contract to lead and manage the HSE group for all three companies. During this time, we reduced the number of injuries by 60% within a year along with developing a new hire training program. In addition, Proforma was contracted to develop and SMS, training program, and reporting system for a company the fabricates and operated drilling equipment.

Companies we have served:

  • BP – Fabrication of topsides and subsea equipment
  • Spitzer Industries
  • Independence Contract Drilling


Proforma has provided safety services for numerous manufacturing companies. The services ranged from developing Safety management systems to providing onsite HSE advisors and training.

Companies we have served:

  • Tex-Tube – manufactured steel components
  • Socotherm Labarge – Manufactured coated pipe
  • STX America – refurbish and manufacture parts for ships power systems
  • Merla Wellhead Solutions – manufactured valves


Provide a wide variety of services for construction companies, which includes training, auditing, SMS development and onsite HSE management. In 2015 Proforma was contracted to provide onsite HSE management for an apartment construction project. In addition, we also provided onsite safety management for several food, railway and feed stock expansion projects.

Companies we have served:

  • Carter & Carter
  • Cargill
  • Huntsman
  • CDI Corporation
  • Global Industries

Investment Groups

We have provided auditing services for investment groups looking to make acquisitions of new companies. Audits were conducted to determine the gaps within the SMS along with determine the company’s commitment to safety. Companies without a strong commitment to safety can be viewed as potential risk to capital gains, liability and reputation.

Companies we have served:

  • Avista Capital
  • Prime Natural Resources

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