Many companies faced challenges related to trends in occupational health and safety in 2017 and a number of these HSE trends look to continue in the coming year. Additionally, some new HSE trends look to become more prominent in the upcoming year as well. Thus, it is imperative for many companies that existing HSE programs continue – or even new HSE programs and policies be implemented – to meet these issues and concerns head-on in order to ensure continued success.


Trend #1: Dealing With Workplace Stress

Another trend that looks to continue in the coming year is concerns surrounding the development and impact of workplace stress. The National Institute of Occupational Safety And Health continues to emphasize that work-related stress disorders are expected to rise as the economy continues to undergo various shifts and impacts. Therefore, companies should take steps to ensure that any current programs are robust enough to reduce the concerns associated with stress in the workplace, as well as implement any new programs that show an increased effectiveness at reducing the generation of stress.


Trend #2: Leveraging Risk Management

2017 saw a continued trend in developing internal risk management programs and systems, and 2018 looks to be the year where many of these programs are leveraged for results across the company spectrum. In other words, sufficient time has occurred for the internal development of risk management data and effectiveness that this can now be translated directly into specific areas of the business to further reduce inherent risk development within the company.


Trend #3: Safety Personnel Hiring Requirements

For another year, there is a projected increase in the demand for safety personnel at all levels. However, what is expected to occur is a tightening of the specific hiring requirements as many companies evaluate the need for an emphasis on education or experience. For larger companies, the distinction may not be apparent but the difference could be impactful for smaller companies or those in unique circumstances.


Trend #4: Increased Reliance On Predictive Analytics

A new trend looking to become prominent in 2018 is an increased reliance on predictive analytics. Many companies have been developing risk management and mitigation data and using analytics to help derive sense from this mountain of information. 2018 looks to be the year where many of these are put into practice company-wide.

In addition, the trend of emphasizing the use of these predictive analytics is expected to rise as much of this information is refined even further. This should begin to show positive returns for companies that have been implementing this predictive technology as part of a risk management profile. However, there is still time to take advantage of these systems for those companies that have not implemented these types of analytics.


Trend #5: More Regulatory Changes

There are few that doubt that more regulatory and legislative changes are expected in 2018. While many differences continue to grow between national policy and those enacted on the state and local level, few can predict what the specific changes will actually be. However, what is an almost certainty is that for companies, flexibility will be necessary in order to adapt to the new policies to come.


2018 looks to address some of the challenges that arose during the past year, while adding additional emphasis on new concerns and trends. For HSE managers, the impacts of these various trends and challenges look to require further refining of existing programs. Additionally, many HSE management teams can look forward to seeing impacts from areas that were once considered outside the scope of HSE Рmeaning new responses will have to be developed. One thing is certain and that is HSE programs and management teams will remain an essential and vital part of any company that has an eye towards success. Do you know if your company’s safety culture is prepared to tackle the new issues and concerns of the upcoming year? Take our FREE safety survey to find out!