As the current economy continues to show a steady growth, the growth of projects related to increased capital utilization is correspondingly expected to grow as well. However, often with this level of economic growth, project pressures concerning cost and other concerns continue to bear on all projects with process safety often bearing the brunt of these pressures. Therefore, understanding how process safety can save your next project is an important consideration to not only allow a defense against these types of pressures but to promote your company’s adherence to the principles of process safety as a whole.


Reduction of Cost-Related Concerns

Often the first aspect to be considered by management is that which concerns cost, not only in terms of physical costs such as personnel but as it concerns resource utilization. Process safety and the corresponding management thereof provides a level of assurance in regards to the proper utilization, control and efficiency of both personnel and resource utilization. It also extends beyond just this cost consideration as Process Safety also takes a preventive approach to the correct management of concerns or issues before they can become cost concerns or safety concerns. This approach not only helps to provide for the better utilization of men and materials but reduces the potential opportunities for negative effects that can inhibit your project.


Appropriate Time Management

While related to cost related concerns, appropriate time management is not just a concern about costs. Process safety also provides better time management controls that impede the underutilization of some resources based on time and the overutilization of others to provide a consistent, controlled approach to time management and related aspects. This also provides a direct benefit to a project as either milestones or benchmarks are in place as a means of gauging the project’s growth and improvements. This is turn can be accurately communicated and disseminated to the appropriate areas with the full confidence in the information.


Proactive Management Approach

If there was a short answer to “How Process Safety Can Save Your Next Project” it would be the ability to produce a proactive management approach that, while not eliminating the potential for concerns, reduces the opportunities associated with the development of concerns surrounding a project or its completion. Process safety has to be involved in all aspects of any project and the proper introduction of process safety to any project generates by nature, this proactive management approach that, in essence, safeguards the various portions and aspects of a project to assure a safe implementation and completion.

Importantly, Process safety should be in place for any project and thus is there is not an established, current, and reviewed process safety mechanism in place then consideration of using an outside process safety management teams should be a priority before embarking on a project. Process safety and its proper approaches can make the difference between a successful project and one with the opportunity for failure. Therefore, it is incumbent on every project team to make sure that process safety is an essential aspect of any endeavor.

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