As every project management staff knows, all projects are subject to numerous bottlenecks and constraints that can sap time and resources. Even with adequate planning and preparation, the unexpected can—and most likely will—happen, thereby adding further pressures on both the timing and the resources allocated to a project.

However, there are methodologies that can be utilized that help reduce bottlenecks and constraints but are also flexible enough to allow for the unexpected. From initial design to final delivery, here are the ways to keep your project on time and on budget.

Project Management Staff

Your current project management staff is first and foremost. The fastest way to doom a project’s time concerns is to engage with an understaffed project management team. Even if the current team is fully staffed, it’s possible that team to be lacking in sufficient experience for a particular project’s magnitude.

Considering that the entire team, from top to bottom, is essential to the success of your project, even one or two areas lacking the experience can create problems as the project progresses. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that your current project management team is capable and engaged for your current project to prevent future time concerns and potentially other issues.

Team Communication Policies and Procedures

It is an undeniable fact that regardless of how capable a project management team is, if the communication from both upper and lower echelons as well as communications with outside sources and suppliers is deficient, then concerns about project timing and more is assured. This includes making sure there are appropriate levels of feedback from all concerned parties and that communication is initiated at all levels, not just by the project management team.

Of course, it should also be mentioned that the communication is clear and verifiable as well, to prevent miscommunication, which can in some cases, will be worse than no communication at all.

Maintain Team Flexibility

Even among the most experienced project management team, the ability to become inflexible remains a constant threat to project timing and milestones. While the project time is often subject to absolutes, there are other areas where flexibility can be maintained in order to allow the various subsections to achieve their objectives while keeping the project on track. Your project management staff should be responsive, proactive and at all times flexible to allow for the unexpected to happen and be able to respond accordingly.

Only with a properly functioning and experienced project management and support staff can your company ensure completion of its projects on time and on budget. With proper planning, engagement and execution, facilitated by adequate communication backed by the flexibility to respond to the unexpected and unfortunate, can the team make sure that the project is completed as promised. Thus ensuring your success in this project and beyond.