The engineering and project management sectors both look to experience several distinct trends over the course of the coming year. Many of these trends stem from certain processes and technologies that began to appear over the past five years, but are now showing their maturity and value in the business environment.

Be sure to take advantage of these upcoming trends in order to continue to position your business for success.

Trend #1: Business Agility

Business Agile methodology—the process of using smaller, more autonomous teams—will see a significant emphasis in 2018. More and more businesses are recognizing the utility of having a more agile response that provides a more customer-centric approach, while also preserving asset and resource integrity.

Additionally, this type of “agile” methodology provides for better collaborative aspects for internal departments and company partners. This can, in turn, offer benefits for both engineering and project management teams.

Trend #2: Cybersecurity

Another trend that will become even more important in the coming years is an emphasis on cybersecurity, especially for both engineering teams and project management teams.

While previous cybersecurity trends focus on securing customer data, a company’s proprietary internals are also under assault and this will continue to be an important control point moving into 2018. Therefore, it is crucial that both project management teams and engineering teams understand their role in protecting assets, as well as having their processes correspond to the correct cybersecurity concepts.

Trend #3: Virtual Intelligence Integration

Another trend that’s beginning to take place is the integration of virtual intelligence in the business sphere.

While it’s limited mostly to data warehousing and autonomous analytic generation, further integration is expected to continue in the coming year. Use of virtual intelligence can benefit both CRM and asset management, as well as enable better cross-platform integration for departmental collaboration.

Trend #4: Dedication to Diversity

More and more businesses are under stakeholder scrutiny to ensure that their existing diversity programs are effective and delivering results.

A prime example of this is the infamous 2017 Google memo concerning women in STEM fields. Thus, it is imperative that existing diversity training and programs be audited or enhanced in order to avoid a negative impression or potential backlash.

Trend #5: Open Integration and the Use of Free Agency

Throughout 2018, businesses are expected to continue with the trend of combining regular employees with external talent. This use of Free Agency in both project management teams and engineering teams allows for a better response to challenging projects and objectives, while still providing an overall value for the company.

In addition, this open integration helps to strengthen internal mechanisms and delivers a great deal of project flexibility.

For businesses large and small, 2018 is shaping up to be a year for increased reliance on quality talent for both engineering teams and project management teams. While the previous year’s growth is sustainable for the foreseeable future, only by engaging the right personnel and ensuring existing policies and processes are capable and robust can a company be prepared to take advantage of this growth.

Open integration, coupled with a business agile approach and technology utilization are deliverable trends that can help put your company on the path to success. Contact us today to find out how Proforma Safety can help put your company on the right track in the coming year!