A critical component of any construction site is the ability to maintain a consistent policy regarding onsite safety. Regardless of the size of a construction site or zone, onsite safety must be a priority and requires constant adherence to established safety principles and enforcement of any and all safety regulations. Furthermore, this requires continual participation by both management and ground personnel by facilitating the communication of safety concerns between the various levels .In addition to the two-way communication for the various levels, all personnel should be prepared to respond to immediate safety concerns in a manner that resolves the concerns as quickly as possible, thus improving the overall safety of the site.  With this and more requiring a significant attention to detail concerning onsite safety, it is often necessary to have dedicated construction site management, beyond that which is normally utilized.

The Focus On Safety

For many companies, construction site management is served by utilizing existing personnel who have the experience with the companies previous projects. However, this often places onsite safety into a secondary consideration as the existing management team must primarily focus their attention towards the details of a project. While this is to be expected, with the experience of the management team being directed towards the successful completion of the project, lapses in onsite safety will often occur, some with disastrous results.  Even with those projects who have a dedicated “safety officer or manager”, without safety being an integral part of the management focus, safety problems can arise that can be detrimental to the project.

Removing Barriers To Safety

The obvious response would be to create a management team that has safety as an integral component, however, this is not always a viable solution for many companies. Onsite safety is often a major part of any project and it is unlikely that an existing management team would be unaware of the impact safety can have on the job site. However, what occurs is the competition to maintain a safe work environment while keeping the project on track and within the expected ROR. Given that the management team is utilized from existing personnel, this creates a bias towards the project and not a balance between safety and the successful completion of the project. Therefore, for many companies, the optimal solution is to engage an outside team that already has onsite safety as a core component and who has an established track record of performance.

By engaging with an external partner, who can provide an experienced and knowledgeable construction site management team, you empower your company to focus on what it does best and that is developing and completing projects on time and on budget. An experienced external management team can bring onsite safety and more to a project, thus becoming another means of achieving the success that your company deserves.