Case Study: BP Trinidad and Tobago


The goal of the project was to successfully manage the implementation of BP’s offshore natural gas production within project schedule and budget. Client reached out for management services due to the project size and probable risks that came with the project location and process.


Client: BP Trinidad and Tobago
Project Type: Project Management
Location: Mango and Cashima Fields, Trinidad


One of the biggest challenges of the project was setting up a change order process to negotiate adjustments. Engineers had not completed designs before construction began, resulting in incomplete drawings while the project was already being build. Proforma was able to step in and manage the completion of drawings and design as the project continued to be built, as well as controlled costs and managed risks.


Successful construction and design completion of unmanned platform for gas production and transportation to areas along the Trinidad coast.


Project stayed in-budget and Proforma’s management services were successful in carrying out the process and being able to streamline this process into similar projects. The project was completed within a 3-year timespan and paved the way to future successful management solutions offered by Proforma Safety.