Safe Work Awareness Team


Battelle contracted Proforma to manage HSE for the Mountaineer Project in cooperation with AEP, Battelle and the Department of Energy. The project scope was to drill five injection wells and three test wells inside the Mountaineer Power Generation facility as part of a test to remove the CO2 effluent, compress it to a liquid and inject it into a formation. Proforma was responsible for helping with contractor selection, developing HSE plans, emergency plans and support field operations with onsite HSE advisors.

Safe Work Awareness Team


Client: Battelle
Project Type: CO2 Sequestration
Industry Served: Renewable Energy
Location: Columbus, Ohio and New Hope, West Virginia
Date Range: August 2014 to September 2015


First actions were to evaluate how to get a rig inside a 90×70 yard area with power lines along the perimeter that were a million volts. Second was drilling through a rock formation with an air drill, then switching to foam-based mud. Proforma was forced to work in tight quarters with equipment on the location which made simultaneous operations an ongoing issue. These challenges meant that the potential for injury, equipment damage or damage to the facility were high.


Proforma conducted a hazard analysis prior to field operation to identify the highest risks associated with the various procedural steps. Afterwards, both operational and HSE plans incorporated the mitigations for these risks. Set perimeters were established along with rig plots to ensure contact with power lines were eliminated. Throughout the entire project, both Battelle and Proforma HSE advisors were onsite to direct operations. Every morning, daily activities were highlighted along with SIMOPS (simultaneous operations) being discussed with all crews. Risk assessments were conducted daily to ensure new, or previously unidentified risks, were addressed and mitigated.


After successful completion of the project, the team had worked 200,000 man-hours without a day-away-from-work case or a recordable. Furthermore, there were no near-miss incidents involving any power generation equipment. In addition, the project was able to remove 80 percent of the effluent CO2 from the coal-fired power plant emissions. Because of this success, Proforma later returned to drill three additional wells just outside the plant.